Calgary Real Estate Market Heading in to 2020

Having moved from the Great White North of Canada, specifically Calgary Alberta, to Santa Rosa, I still tend to keep one eye on what the state of real estate is from back home.

After a couple years of declining sales, largely credited to the fact that markets like Vancouver, Victoria and Toronto have growing housing bubbles, in the latter part of 2019 we saw things turnaround.

But before we get in to that lets talk a little about the lows from 2016 to 2018 and start of 2019.

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In 2016 the Calgary real estate market was wallowing in a 20% decline in sales from the previous year and things were looking like the start of a housing sales slump. Despite this producing a favorable buyers market, sales still fell off a cliff.

And then things got worse…

In 2018 the numbers looked bleak and Calgary was 20% lower than the 10-year average.

Honestly I had incredible pleased buyers waiting with cash to buy cheap homes. Buyers with the fortitude to wait out the market to see through to a shift to sellers market.

The above quote comes from reputed Calgary’s best realtor Dusko Sremac of Real Estate Partners in downtown Calgary.

And then like clockwork and after an 8 year low run, Calgary’s real estate market saw its shift.

Albeit Calgary still couldn’t be considered a seller’s market per se, we are seeing trends showing they might be out of bottom.

If you’d like to research more on this trend, feel free to check out this incredibly informative piece referencing the RBC report here at Daily Hive.

So although it is true that I have really been enjoying my new life here in Santa Rosa, I do however still pay attention to Calgary given our various rental properties throughout Auburn Bay and Britannia, subburbs within the Calgary area. It is also worth noting that I still hold a Calgary realtor license.

What are your thoughts if you at all care about what’s happening to the north in our neighbor country? If you have any opinions please share them below and let me know. Until next time…”be cool be chill be you!”


State of the Santa Rosa Real Estate Market

At the beginning of any year, every person would love to look back at where they have been and where they are headed. It is the perfect time to reflect and speculate. This applies in all areas of your life, and real estate market is no exception. If you have plans of buying or selling a home in the Santa Rosa area in 2019, it is important that you take stock of the real estate market in the area. Understanding how the Sonoma real estate market will appear in 2019 is essential. It is also important that you understand what factors would bring any changes in the market. Here is what might be in store for the real estate market in Santa Rosa in 2019.

Home Prices and Home Sales Will Rise

If you carefully study data from Santa Rosa REALTORS, you will notice an obvious trend. Over the previous several years, median sale prices have been observed to rise after every year. There is a significant rise each year if you compare it to the previous year. Since the trend has been consistent in the earlier years, there are low chances that this trend will reverse in 2019 especially if the economy remains strong as it is. In addition to this, it is likely that there will be growth in home sales in the year 2019. Keeping Current Matters compiled a report after taking a poll on different housing authorities such as Freddie Mac and Fannie. According to these authorities, they were expecting more sales in 2019.

Wait Times Will Accelerate in 2019

The LA Times made a comparison of market times for 2017 and 2018. The report of the Times showed that houses stayed for a few days in the market in 2018 compared to 2017. In 2017, houses were sold in about 46 days while they took 44 days to sell in 2018. If the same trend continues, homes will stay on the market for fewer days because buyers pursue the quantity of inventory that is available in the market. However, you should also consider whether market conditions will encourage homeowners to sell or whether a rise in interest rates will discourage the buyers.

Observing Inventory

A report by Santa Rosa REALTORS also shows that there has been a decline in inventory in the area now for a while. In recent years, inventory has been low in Santa Rosa. Despite the fact that inventory is low, market factors such as total sales and median prices have always been high. This only means that the market is still active even if inventory is low.

Historically Speaking

Since departing the Santa Rosa real estate scene in 2006, Bill Prestep, a now realtor in Lo de Marcos, Mexico, claims the comparisons in the areas around Puerto Vallarta share similar market conditions to his previous stomping grounds in California. He further added that is pleased he arrived in the area in time before real estate prices really began to take off.

With the compilation of the above insight in to current conditions, we can ascertain where the market will head for 2020. There are variables however. The #1 variable is the current political landscape in the US and the uncertainty it holds for the economy moving forward in to election year.

Realtors Around The Globe Are Realizing the Potential in International Real Estate

As real-estate matures more across the world with the increased transparency and potential of the evolving internet, real estate agents have immense chances to obtain worthwhile international, long distance business that they did not until now have access to.

This particular income opportunity is considerable.

International buyers purchased $153 billion of USA domestic real estate in the 12 months through March 2017, a rise of almost 50% from the earlier 12 months and above 10 % of the market by sales volume! That’s according to NAR’s 2017 Profile of International Activity in U.S. Domestic Real Estate.

International buyers in real estate commonly lend to a more rewarding end result for the real estate professionals. A noteworthy proportion of international buyers and sellers are affluent international elites hunting for appealing opportunities and luxurious vacation homes.

And yet incorporating the foreign investor to your arsenal definitely won’t be as straight forward as finding them can be difficult.

Attaining this sector of the industry however will involve overcoming some obstacles including language and currency to name a couple. Customarily though lots of international investors are not going to buy in to a country without doing their research and having methods in place to try to avoid any “lost in translation” troubles.

Which country reigns over international real estate buyers in the United States? Why China silly. You got that right, China maintains a large 50% of the total sales volume credited to foreign investors and yes, despite all the variations between how business is undertaken in both countries and language.

With such a highly profitable real estate market out there, precisely how do you get yourself in on it?

CPROP’s end-to-end electronic transaction administration software is made to present real estate agents to international prospects and enable them to securely and transparently close deals.” claims a well-known Costa Rica lawyer, Fernando Lopez.

Technology is certainly critical for any deal from start to finish. The following are a couple ways a brokers can break into this highly profitable and developing sector of the business.

Be part of a trustworthy international program

“Maximizing your exposure to the international market is a challenge.” says BOBBY Hart, a realtor in Round Top Texas.

Brokers seeking to capture high dollar international buyer interest and confidence should look for platforms having an international target audience and provide a smooth link to investors in a user friendly, reliable and trustworthy environment.

Another thing you’ll want to look out for is segments of the web with service providers that also supports automatic translations.

Think confidence and stability

As the old saying goes, long distance relationships hardly ever last, still in this case they can and do you just simply have to plan particularly in the case of working across different languages.

Two incredibly significant points to start thinking about when engaging in international real estate are security and trust. It’s essential to protect yourself and your client while retaining the trust of the other person / persons.

One of the best ways to protect transactions lies with blockchain technology. Blockchain makes it possible for real estate contracts to-be so heavily protected/encrypted that helps prevent any changes be undiscovered.

Also, agents incorporate the use of smart contracts to execute escrow, which offers a secure system for buyers to put up serious dollars.

Request trustworthy, effective cooperation

Each realtor understands, even concluding national sales is usually a struggle, but when you enter in to the international real estate buyer/seller markets, this might be even moreso true.

Have you any idea about your transactions state in real time, what’s left to finish and who should next take action?

This all being said, wouldn’t you accept that an all inclusive online digital transactions SaaS platform built to satisfy international real estate transactions from start to finish, be described as welcome addition to all real estate brokers? Procedure transparency simplifies communications, loosens broker time and eases everybody’s mind.

4 Reasons Why Luxury Homes Are Special

When browsing through the property listings, you must have come across ‘luxury homes’. The pictures are awesome and you dream of buying one such house some day. To most people, it’s actually a dream to buy a luxury house as it is very expensive. But more people are now investing in luxury homes than they did before. Here are some features of a luxury home that makes it so special.


Luxury homes are situated in premium locations. All the properties in the neighborhood are expensive. This may be because it’s located on top of a hill or near the beaches. You get lovely views of nature and city from these locations. Good restaurants, hotels and other amenities also make the neighborhood expensive.

High-quality construction

Very high-quality construction materials are used in building luxury homes. The finishings are also exclusive. You will have hardwood floors, marble top counters, granite kitchen counter, etc. The house won’t be affected much even at the time of disasters like cyclone or flood.

Special facilities

A luxury home has a swimming pool, gym room, entertainment room, jacuzzi, outdoor games and other special facilities. You will find everything in your home and so you won’t need to go outside to have a good time.

Privacy and security

Luxury homes are usually bought by rich people or celebrities. These people want to hide from media interests and so prefer living in a private setting. These houses are more secure than the traditional houses. There will be guards and high-end security systems.

Besides all these special features, buying a luxury home gives people a sense of pride. They get the feeling of belonging to a high-end society. These feelings are worth much more than the money they spend on buying a luxury home.

4 Tips For Getting A Mortgage With A Low-Interest Rate

If you are thinking of buying a house then you should apply for a mortgage. Getting a mortgage isn’t easy; you will have to meet several criteria. Even if you meet the minimum criteria, you might not get a lower interest rate. Simply shopping around from one lender to another or having a good credit score is not enough to get a mortgage with a low interest rate. There are other factors involved as well. Here are some tips that can help you secure a good mortgage.

Credit score

You will need a very good credit score to obtain a low-interest rate. A credit score of 760 or more is considered to be a good credit score. However, you can get a mortgage with a credit score of 620 as well, but the interest rate will be higher.

Stable income

You need to document your income for the past two years and it must be stable. If you were unemployed for a long time or if your income declined over the past two years then you are very unlikely to get a mortgage. Even if you get one, the interest rate will be high.

More down payment

If you pay more down payment, your interest rate is likely to go down. Usually, it is required to pay a down payment of 20%. But if you pay more than this then you will pay a low-interest rate eventually.

Shorter loan period

If you take a loan for 15 years instead of 30 years, then you will be paying less interest. So, if you have a secured job and some savings, it’s better to go for a shorter loan term.

You should always have some savings before you decide to buy a house. You should be prepared for emergency situations. You shouldn’t miss any of your mortgage payments; otherwise, the interest amount will increase. If you want to get a good interest rate, you should make sure that you have a good credit score, stable job, ability to pay down payment and get a short loan period.

3 Drawbacks Of Living In A Gated Community

Many people now prefer living in a gated community. As parents have become busy and often spend less time at home, a gated community can provide the security and privacy even when they are away from home. They can let their children play outside the home without worrying about any intruders or traffic, as they will stay inside the gate all the time. Apart from the luxury and other perks a gated community has disadvantages as well.

1. Very expensive

As the gated community provides extra security, privacy and lots of amenities for a luxurious living, all these come with a price. Buying a house in a gated community can be very expensive compared to the normal houses. Not many people can afford to pay for it.

2. Uncomfortable experience for guests

There is very high-security system inside a gated community. The guests have to pass through a number of security steps before they can enter the premise. The guard may ask them questions or they may be monitored by CCTV cameras and other high-end security devices. During weekends, they may have to wait in a queue to get past the gate. These experiences are very unpleasant for the guests.

3. Sometimes inconvenient for the residents

When entering a gated community, the residents have to drive a long distance to get inside the gate. As many residents live there, they might have to wait for a long time to get inside the gate. This can be a problem when you come home after a long day’s work. Also, if there aren’t much amenities in the community like clubs or other entertainment facilities, then it might take a long time for them to reach the city center to have some good time. This is because the gated communities are usually located in a quiet area, away from the city center.

Gated communities have advantages and drawbacks as well. Before you decide to invest your money in a home in gated community, you must be aware of its drawbacks as well.