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Are you an expert in the real estate market? If you are knowledgeable about this field or have worked in this industry for many years then you can share your knowledge and thoughts with us. This blog is aimed towards educating people about the property market.

Our guidelines

  • Your articles must be strictly about the real estate market. You can write about a mortgage, buying and selling a property, the gated community, etc.
  • The writing should be less than 1,000 words.
  • You must write in a friendly tone so that it’s readable by people from all walks of lives.
  • Your writing must pass Copyscape. We won’t accept any copied materials or anything that has been published anywhere else.
  • You should include a brief author bio.
  • You may include only one outbound link from your site. It can either come from the body or the author bio.
  • We expect you to submit a couple of images along with your writing. The images must be sent in JPEG or PNG format.

Our blog is read every day by thousands of readers who are interested in the real estate market. They read the blog to get advice about buying or selling properties or learn about the current trend, mortgage application and more. It is a great opportunity for you to establish yourself as an expert writer in this niche. Thank you for your interest in us and we hope to hear from you soon.